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dderman, a leading member of Canadian media pool covering the APEC meetings in Lima, showed great interest in Xi's remarks on globalization.Global

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  • cial to millions of people around the world and they expect the process to continue and extend, ▓said Modderman.While problems are i▓nevitable, there are

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  • ions to more economies to join in the process, he added.In his speech, Xi used a sweet potato as an example to illustrate China's commitment to contribute to the development and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific.Diana Gomez, a prof

    essor at Natio▓nal University of Colomb

  • ia, said that using the sweet potat▓o as an example is very impressive.Gomez said Xi's speech shows that "China deepens its opening-up while retaining its own characteristics. Chile, Mexico and Peru set good examples for Latin American countries to lear

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    scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatAbout MooncakesAbout MooncakesAbout Mooncakes09-14-2016 17:18 BJTMooncakes are traditionally ▓Chinese pastries generally eaten du

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